Turn 10’s Forza Street out now free on PC, Mobile coming this year

Posted on April 19, 2019

Some surprise news for Forza fans! Turn 10 has announced Forza Street, a new Forza experience that is available right now for free on PC, and will be heading to mobile devices later this year.

This new Forza is “designed to be played anytime, anywhere, and excite anyone who loves cars”, according to Turn 10. Its streamlined design will allow you to step on the gas and race everywhere and anywhere, even on the go.

There have been some rumors floating around about Forza Street, ever since a Forza developer accidentally linked a secret document into a blog post. Turn 10 declined to comment at the time,  but we’ve now gotten a proper announcement, containing all the juicy details about Forza Street.

Strangely enough, Forza Street is not exactly a brand new game. It has been up on the Windows 10 store for about a year, under the name Miami Street. As its name suggests, it is set in a packed urban centre with tight turns and plenty of opportunities for crashes. It features a campaign mode, and an enormous library of cars. It has now been officially rebranded as part of the Forza franchise, and although its not yet clear what changes have been made, they’ll likely include some cool exclusives from the Forza franchise, as well as continued support from Turn 10.

Forza Street

It’s available to play right now on Windows 10 for free, which means you can pick it up  anytime. The iOS and Android version of the game are coming sometime later this year.

The Forza series is well known for being one of the most reliably great racing experiences, featuring sleek cars and heart-pumping speeds. Its most recent series, Forza Horizon, take players on a tour around the world to see the breathtaking sights. You can read what we thought of Forza Horizon 4 right here.