Nintendo make dreams come true with new Smash Ultimate fighters

Posted on June 12, 2019

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting two new sets of fighters as showcased in their Nintendo E3 Direct. Firstly, we saw the game get invaded by Dragon Quest! During Nintendo’s E3 presentation they kicked things off by showcasing the next DLC fighter which happens to be the Dragon Quest XI protagonist.

The character, who is an unnamed hero in the Dragon Quest game and simply referred to as ‘The Hero’ within the Smash trailer, joins a growing roster of iconic fighters. The most recent was Joker from the JRPG classic, Persona 5. You can check the trailer below.

Dragon Quest is a big franchise, especially in Japan, and the most recent release (Dragon Quest XI) was enjoyed by fans and critics alike. Whilst the game series is not a Nintendo exclusive, it still feels like an appropriate inclusion for Nintendo’s big fighter. And you can certainly see how Hero fits in with the other mascots.

You can expect to see Dragon Quest Hero enter the battlefield towards the end of the year.

The next character reveal was one rumoured for a while now and something people thought would never actually arrive. Yes, somehow Nintendo got the rights to use Banjo-Kazooie (a Microsoft property) for their popular fighter. This is genuinely an exciting reveal, and one that is going to excite people to no end.

Check out the trailer above for the reveal, the bird/bear combo look like an absolutely formidable duo!