For Honor gets Spectator Mode and major event

Posted on June 11, 2019

Ubisoft has some big plans for its historical action game, For Honor. At E3 this year, it revealed plans for a Spectator Mode, allowing players to witness the epic melees from an outsider perspective. The upcoming Shadows of the Hitokiri event was also announced, bringing with it a new game mode and customisation options.

Firstly, Ubisoft announced that Spectator Mode, a long-awaited feature, will be patched in later this year.  It will be fun to be able to get into the thick of the action without putting yourself in danger. Admittedly, it is a feature that probably should have come a lot earlier than two years after launch. However, for a free update, it is hard to complain about. At least Ubisoft seemed to have fun with the reveal trailer.

The second big piece of news announced related to For Honor is the upcoming Shadows of the Hitokiri event. This event will bring a new mode, Soul Rush, where teams of players compete to see who can collect the most souls by killing NPC soldiers. However,  players can steal some of the opposing team’s souls by taking out enemy players. Players will lose their remaining souls when downed, unless their teammates revive them. Soul Rush sounds like a fun and novel way to play the game for anyone who is looking for a reason to dive back into For Honor.

The Shadows of the Hitikori event will also bring event-exclusive Illustrious Outfits inspired by death gods. There is one Illustrious Outfit available per faction, and each costs 20,000 Steel per Hero in the store. There will also be an exclusive emote for each faction. Neither the Illustrious Outfits or new emotes will be available as lootable items,  and can only be acquired from Hitokiri Bundles.

Players who want to play the Soul Rush mode and get the exclusive outfits and emotes will need to participate in the event this month. The Shadows of the Hitokiri event will run from June 10th to June 27th.