Kingdom Hearts III’s DLC trailer is confusing, as expected

Posted on June 13, 2019

(Note: most of this trailer involves the final bosses and ending of Kingdom Hearts III, so beware of massive spoilers)

Kingdom Hearts III released a trailer for its upcoming DLC content. It’s titled Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind. Annoyingly, it’s also spelled Re+Mind in the trailer, but it’s presumably pronounced like the regular word “remind”. This series continues to have the least chill.

In terms of gameplay, what the trailer shows is scant, but promising. The plot-relevant Oathkeeper keyblade from previous games returns as a weapon for protagonist Sora to use. It also looks like extra characters will be playable during the gauntlet of bosses in the game’s penultimate act.

In the current version of Kingdom Hearts III, Sora takes on each of these fights himself, but the Re:Mind trailer shows that popular characters Riku, Aqua and Roxas will now be playable during some of them. Sora doesn’t even seem to be present during Aqua and Roxas’ battles. It’s currently unknown if the story will be updated to accommodate these characters taking charge, or if this is extra post-game content. Notably, while there are brief portions of Kingdom Hearts III in which Aqua and Riku are playable, this will be the first time players will be able to run around and whack things as Roxas in the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Oathkeeper keyblade

There are also some new scenes featuring baddies Young Xehanort, Luxord and Xigbar having vague conversations about their identities. No Disney characters or worlds appear in the entire trailer. This series is bonkers.

After more than a decade of fan anticipation (fan-ticipation?), Kingdom Hearts III finally came out this year. According to our review, it was worth the wait. While the full scope of Re:Mind‘s content – and its release date – are currently unknown, this trailer successfully teases potential future updates to the game. Maybe one day they’ll update the Frozen level to actually be good.