New Battletoads is definitely coming, making all those prank calls worth it

Posted on June 10, 2019

Battletoads showed up at this years Xbox E3 event to the delight of gamers and meme-heads everywhere. Unlike last years E3, this time there was actual gameplay footage.

The game features all three toads, Rass, Pimple, and Zitz,  alongside a cast of other colorful characters, with an aesthetic that screams late 80’s. Graphics look slick and polished, offering  2D animation that feels like your playing through an episode of Ninja Turtles—which feels poignant because it once had a failed Saturday morning cartoon. The game will be a side-scrolling beat-em-up with 3 player couch co-op. It also promises to have epic bosses,  puzzles and a return of those speeder sections everyone loves.

As mentioned, the game was announced last year. though the announcement was less than stellar. Consisting of a Slash Image and a trailer that was nothing but a monologue, the reveal left some fans a little disappointed. But the toads are back, for better or worse. Between this and Commander Keen it looks like the 90’s nostalgia is in full swing.

There’s no release date yet, save for the ominous 2019.  But hey, now you can call your local games store and ask for Battletoads without it being a prank. Battletoads will be hitting both Xbox and Windows 10.

The Battletoads in combat