Sea of Thieves is turning into a Tabletop RPG

Posted on June 5, 2019

The swashbuckling MMO Sea of Thieves has been out since 2018, and has been struggling to stay relevant ever since. A lack of content made it hard for players to really dig their teeth into the game, despite the fact that the world was rich with frivolous fun.

You can read our full review of Sea of Thieves to get the picture. But it looks like Rare is well aware of the lost potential in Sea of Thieves, and have introduced a way for our imaginations to fill in the world ourselves with this Tabletop Sea of Thieves RPG.

The Tabletop RPG is an epic adventure in the vein of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, and is being published by Mongoose Publishing. A digital version is available already, with a physical version lined up for an October release. Both copies will come with The Book of Pirates, which will be a guide for the players at the table, and The Book of the Sea, which will help the Game Master learn the game’s rules. There’s also a campaign book to get you started. Just look at all this booty!

physical version of the Sea of Thieves RPG

A look inside the treasure chest

The cards, tokens, and specialty dice that come with the physical version look particularly interesting. They indicate a very different play style than the usual numbered dice system as seen in games like D&D.  RPG’s like these can get complicated fast, but those of you balking at the idea of learning a complicated RPG system can rest assured; Rare has promised that their new Avast rule system is designed to get players into the game within minutes.

First impressions by the helpful Sea of Thieves subreddit have indeed found the game to be simpler than other TRPGs, while sticking true to the video game’s roots. It looks like Rare and Mongoose Publishing have struck a nice balance between the best parts of TRPGs without losing the heart that made Sea of Thieves such a joy to fans.

The Sea of Thieves RPG is available to buy or preorder now on Mongoose’s website. The price of  over 100 AUD is pretty painful, even if you do get the half-priced eBook versions. But if you’re a fan of Sea of Thieves or TRPGs, it might be worth checking out.