Some of the awesome games from ID@Xbox 2019

Posted on June 10, 2019

If the previous year’s Microsoft E3 press conference is any indication,  the focus of their briefing is very much the games. As Phil Spencer announced at the beginning of proceeding, XBox has brought 60 games to the table. Amongst this impressive stockpile, are the various independant creations. For this, we have the regular ID@XBox show reel. Sure, it’s nice these get some air time, but they deserve a little more love. So here are few of my favourites from the ID@Xbox showcase, show them some love OK?

Creature in the Well

It is the mark of an interesting indie game that it fuses ideas and genres in ways not done before. As is the case of, Creature in the Well, which is described as a “pinball-inspired hack and slash”. Venture into dungeons, hit glowing orbs around, ricocheting them off the environment to reactivate the long-forgotten machinery.

An exciting, fresh idea for hack and slash, one I can’t wait to try out for myself. You won’t have to wait long though. If they stick to their current release date, Creature in the Well may be out very soon, as it comes to Xbox One, Switch and Steamin Winter 2019.

Dead Static Drive

Coming from Melburnian studio Team Fan Club, Dead Static Drive has been making the rounds at all manner of convention, and has impressed fans the world over.

Drive through a post-apocalyptic, fictional America,  doing what you can keep driving and keep surviving through an existential nightmare. Grand Theft Cthulu, ’nuff said. There is no announced date yet but seems to be dropping onto Xbox One and PC.

Supermarket Shriek

This is a nice simple game. Just a boy, a goat, a runaway shopping trolley propelled by its occupant’s shrieks of terror. Clearly this  is a meditative experience. Use the triggers to control the occupants individually to turn, and together to speed up as you fly through a supermarket, avoiding obstacles as best as one can. Oh, and no brakes on this trolley, of course. Better yet team up with a partner, each with a microphone, screaming to turn the runaway cart.

Hope y’all got some lozenges packed, maybe a spare set of vocal chords? Supermarket Shriek will be destroying you voice box sometime this year on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

Felix the Reaper

Who doesn’t love a good romantic Comedy? Who doesn’t love a Dancing Skeleton? Well, now you can have it all, and in one of those video games too! Felix the Reaper is a shadow-manipulation puzzler.

Felix needs to move around to set up unhappy accidents  for those whose time has come. All this in the hope that he may be reunited with his love Betty the Maiden. But Felix can only move in the shadows, but he can move the sun, pretty good tradeoff I must say. Sashay your way through the termination of mortal human existence, when Felix the Reaper drops on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC & Mac sometime this year.

Awesome games I must say. However, they are but a mere sample of the indie sweetness on show for ID@Xbox. Check out the full reel below, for the full lineup. There’s a little something for everyone in this latest reel, so hopefully you find something you love. Support your indie devs!