The Witcher 3 Switch port has a release date

Posted on August 21, 2019

Have you been waiting for the right time to buy The Witcher 3? Or have you already played hundreds of hours of it and cant wait for another excuse to start again? Either way, the announcement of the CD Projekt Red’s award winning game making its way to the Nintendo Switch is sure to be a welcome surprise.

The Switch version of the Witcher 3 has a scheduled release for the 15th of October.  It will be a complete edition of the game, including the two biggest DLC releases, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Along with a bunch of cosmetic updates and the extended list of finisher animations that were released as free DLC with the original game.

The original game being as big and beautiful as it was, has needed to be toned down a little bit for the port; as there was no way that masterpiece of a game was even going to boot in handheld mode without setting your Switch on fire. So the frame-rate has been capped at 30, and some of the smaller details in the environment have been omitted.

the witcher 3

To be fair, when playing on the Switch’s small screen this won’t likely be an obvious problem. It also looks like the loading times will be taking a hit, loading a saved game from the title screen takes about 75 seconds on PlayStation 4, rising to 84 seconds on Switch.

Regardless, being able to take The Witcher 3 out on the road with you is probably worth the small graphical downgrade and the load times. Get ready to waste hours of your life roaming the world and killing monsters come October 15th.