Loud & Proud and Romantic Gamers: Checkpoint at PAX Aus

Posted on September 25, 2019

PAX Aus is only a few weeks away! Australia’s largest gaming convention has become a cornerstone in the calendars of every down under gamer and even some travelling even further. If you came along last year we’re sure you paid us a visit at our booth at the Diversity Lounge or checked out our talk about slurs and toxicity. Well strap in because the Checkpoint team is back again for PAX Aus 2019.

Once again you can come and see us in the Diversity Lounge at our booth where you can meet some of your favourite voices from the team. Be sure to visit us and ask any of the burning questions you might have, or better yet, find out how you can get involved with the team. Just like last year we’re sure to have some surprise giveaways as well after so many people scored some great games last year.

Cam & Elliot at the PAX Aus Checkpoint Booth in 2019

However we aren’t done. After the huge success of last years panel the team is back again with a new talk. This year we are talking all things queer in gaming with some amazing guests.

Loud and Proud: The Impact of Queer Voices in Games looks at how important the unapologetically queer voices are across the gaming industry. Throughout the industry, from game developers, streamers, influencers and gaming media, there are authentic voices unwilling to sacrifice their ideals. They hope to spread a message of acceptance, kindness and positivity. The team will talk about why they do what they do and how it has changed them but also changed the world around them. You can catch this panel at the Fruitbat Theatre on Sunday the 13th at 11am. But who is the team? Let’s meet them.

Keeping us all in line will be the extremely talented leader of Checkpoint, Luke Mitchell. Host, editor and producer of Checkpoint he will be our faithful emcee asking the hard hitting questions and making sure you have time to ask yours.

Our Panelists

Cameron Honey-Swain: After hosting the panel last year he is back to give his views this year. A host, editor and producer for Checkpoint as well as Big Breakfast every Monday morning. A huge advocate for a spectrum of diversity through gaming, not just in sexuality. Unapologetically gay, unapologetically loud.

Jordan Raskopoulos: Self proclaimed internet goblin but best known as an iconic comedian, actor and singer. Recently though she has been making waves with her amazing video essays speaking for those that may not have voices. We are beyond excited to have Jordan joining us as one of modern Australia’s Queer icons.

DC  McCormick: A Bachelor in Social Research and Policy with Honours and 2 Masters, with a special interest in socially marginalized identities. They have spent years as a queer streamer of colour who has created a community of acceptance around them and absolutely floored the crowd as a member of last years panel.

Marco Taco Ryan: An independent multidisciplinary Artist, Animator, Director and Creative Technologist. Bringing his skills as an artists and storyteller to create amazing moments within Augmented and Virtual Reality. He has been wowing people around the world with his entirely unique and unbelievable artistry in astonishing new digital ways.

Our PAX Aus panelists

But That’s Not All!

Cameron will also be joining another team of panelists in Love in the time of Pixels: Gaming in romantic relationships to talk about how gaming has played into their romantic lives. Hosted by Mateja Simovic he will lead Cameron and fellow panelists, Mahli-Ann Butt,Fae Daunt, Gabriella Lowgren, as they talk about their own dalliances with gaming and romance as well as shining light on some of the pit falls of the dynamic and offering some tips and tricks for a healthy co-op romance. This panel will be at the Gallah Theatre on Sunday the 13th at 3pm.

The team will also be out on the show floor, playing games and chatting with developers so don’t hesitate to grab us and let us know how your PAX Aus weekend is going!

Checkpoint at PAX Aus