Mega Man X Dive has some hidden depths to it

Posted on September 17, 2019

It’s a good time to be a Mega Man fan. After a decade-long drought for the blue bomber’s little bro, we now have a brand-new game to sink our teeth into, a very different take on the series known as Mega Man X Dive.

The game is currently in a closed beta, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected to take part. So, what better way to celebrate than to share the experience with you all? Strap in, hunters!

Vile's back, baby!

They gave me Vile for showing off my figurine collection! Putting yourself out there has it’s perks 🙂

Mega Man X Dive, a cavalcade of hunters and their tools of the trade

Teased within the community back in April, Mega Man X Dive has emerged as a mobile title that finally revives the adventures of X and Zero, but this time, with plenty more to uncover along the way.

For starters, the amount of playable characters and weapons has dramatically increased, with each catering to different play-styles. In addition to the regular cast, we have more obscure characters like Marino the ninja able to set out on missions, and they can wield a buster, a saber, a rocket launcher… there’s no shortage of options for how to dispose of mavericks.

Mega Man X Dive, where Alia can harness lightning in Central Highway. Glorious

Now of course, to many people mobile gaming can be a turnoff, but thankfully a number of typical drawbacks for the platform are being mitigated here, even in the early days of the beta.

Most importantly, the game has full support for bluetooth gamepads, allowing for the kind of control players would expect from a console. The game itself is fairly well-optimised for the current build, so there’s very little lag either visually or movement-wise. Plus, the game takes good advantage of the screen’s limited retail space, giving you a good view of the environment without comprising on the models.

A solid foundation off which to build! Phew.

Jump, shoot, collect!

So, how does Mega Man X Dive change up the formula? Well, for starters the game takes a very meta approach to it’s premise, tasking players with protecting the corrupted memories they have of the franchise itself. This is what leads the player to relive the various levels and bosses in-game, as they are attempting to seemingly warp the games into something new.

As stated, there’s a heavy focus on acquiring new characters and items. Each hunter has their own unique abilities that draw from their source games. For example, Alia can use the Melt Creeper, a move that debuted in X8, the first game she was playable in.

Mega Man X Dive has you fight an X2 boss in an X1 level, and it only gets more jumbled from there
Then there’s the weapons, which can range from standard busters to rifles, shotguns, and various other heavy weapons, alongside the ever popular laser sabers. Each offers different strengths and weaknesses. For example, a heavier weapon can do more damage but have less ammo, leaving you unarmed in a pinch while it reloads.

Levels are somewhat shorter compared to the mainline games, designed to be played through multiple times in order to collect crafting resources. As you do this, you’re also strengthening your characters, allowing you to take on further levels with growing ease. The burn is slow, but tangible once you see the difference really kick in.

Complimenting the standard single player campaign are PvP and co-op modes. The PvP has players engage one-another in a small arena to see who can come out on top, while the co-op has a team of players taking on waves of enemies before reaching a goal. These missions have unique rewards, so it’s worth trying each mode to maximise the items you receive.

Mega Man X Dive does NOT hold back as you progress

Now the elephant in the room for mobile is often gacha elements, and yes, they do exist in Mega Man X Dive. Thankfully however, they are not required to progress through the game, though do of course offer a quick way to unlock new characters and items. Hunters come in tiers that can give you an edge in combat (Ultimate X being a great example), though you won’t really feel disadvantaged with a lower tier character unless you’re engaging in PvP, and even then, there’s the aforementioned power ups to help close the gap.

Overall, what Mega Man X Dive has shown off so far is very promising, with hints of an ever-expanding roster and missions once the game goes live for all players. It’s very early days for this title, but it’s safe to say that from this humble beta, a truly great entry into the franchise is on the horizon.

And hey, if you don’t like it, there’s always Teppen. Iris is in it!

Teppen also stars X, among other Capcom mainstays