Death Stranding to release for PC as well!

Posted on October 30, 2019

Great news for PC players! Death Stranding is so close we can almost taste it. This game is shrouded in so much intrigue and anticipation that it’s hard to believe that we’ll be able to play it for ourselves in under two weeks.

So close to release date, we didn’t expect another platform announcement. But now Kojima Productions has revealed that the game will not be a PS4 exclusive like we thought. It’s coming out on PC too! Kojima Productions revealed this happy news on their English Twitter just yesterday:

KP didn’t give a reason for the delayed release, but it is likely due to some extra time needed to develop the PC version since this news is coming so late. Or, it may be due to a timed exclusivity deal. Although they won’t be releasing side-by-side, it is still fantastic to know that Kojima fans on PC will be able to play Kojima Productions’ first title.

Death Stranding

For PS4 players, Death Stranding’s release date is still next month on November 8th. You can look forward to seeing our review of the game soon, so stay tuned! PC players will just have to be patient until their version of Death Stranding releases around Q2, 2020.