PS4 cross-play exits beta, opens support to all developers

Posted on October 5, 2019

Console segregation may now be a thing of the past. Recent news has emerged that Sony has taken its cross-play feature out of beta and made it available for all developers to use. This news was not directly announced, but actually mentioned in a Wired interview with Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment about PlayStation Now – a cloud-based feature offered to European and North American players.

In the full article, it’s stated that “The PS4’s crossplay efforts have officially moved out of the beta stage, meaning that the console can support crossplay on any titles that studios provide the functionality to“.

Cross-play across all devices, including PS4

Many games and development companies have paved the way for the cross-play feature, pressuring companies like Sony to open up their networks and allow those with a PlayStation 4 to play alongside PC, Switch and Xbox One players. In fact, games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Minecraft and Dauntless were all given the cross-play green light from Sony during its beta process. Now it looks like plenty more games will be able to join them.

The upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare release may be one of the first games that will take full advantage of Sony’s cross-play feature exiting beta. It was confirmed in a Tweet by Infinity Ward producer Candice Capen that “everybody play with everybody”.

What upcoming or past titles do you hope will allow full cross-play amongst all platforms?