Everwild is the next game from Rare and it looks magical

Posted on November 15, 2019

Inside Xbox 2019 has just kicked off with a big reveal from Rare. The studio that most recently released Sea of Thieves and is known and loved for classics such as the Banjo Kazooie series, just premiered a game called Everwild.

The game is full of Disney levels of magic with beautiful and lush environments, a crisp visual style, and woodland creatures lifted straight from my dreams. Check out the announce trailer below.

The game is still early in development so we don’t know a whole lot about this title as of yet. It does appear to contain a shared online world with plenty of open exploration which would fit nicely with Rare’s most recent release.

Personally I can’t wait to see more of this project because it’s absolutely brimming with charm and magic. With no release date just yet, we’re not sure when this game is set to launch or on what platforms (or even what generation!) But we’ll certainly be following Everwild very closely.