Animal Crossing: New Horizons images show new character options

Posted on December 24, 2019

New images for Animal Crossing: New Horizons have been revealed. they show off the vast array of customization options that players will have access to when it comes to their character.

These options include new noses, mouths, eyes, hairstyles, and a variety of different skin tones. This is not only a win for more diversity in gaming, but a real boon for players who can now create their perfect player character/self insert. These images were uploaded to the Nintendo wiki, though there wasn’t much information to accompany it. In fact, there wasn’t any other info at all.

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I’ll be honest, the whole concept behind Animal Crossing is strange to me. It seems like a kind of capitalist nightmare; one where you find yourself in indentured servitude to a raccoon who’d just as sooner break your kneecaps than shake your hands.

And now New Horizons sees that same raccoon ship you off to a deserted island where you must fend for your self amongst the hostile wilds. It’s like a scenario out of some dystopian fiction. Except its all bright, happy, and cheerful because it’s done by Nintendo.

The game isn’t due out till the 20th of March next year and will feature all the Animal Crossing staples you love, alongside new crafting options and mechanics.