Brisbane developed Speaking Simulator launching to PC & Switch January 30

Posted on January 10, 2020

Brisbane based development team, Affable Games, have announced that their bizarre yet hilarious game, Speaking Simulator, will be releasing January 30th, 2020 to Switch and PC.

Speaking Simulator has you play as a robot, attempting to infiltrate human society and pass themselves off as just another regular human whilst utilising the latest speech synthesis technology. It’s an incredibly tongue-in-cheek game that has you control the robot’s speech by individually moving the tongue and jaw. Needless to say, controlling the robot’s speech isn’t exactly easy and the results tend to be hilarious. You can check out the Nintendo Switch trailer below, a trailer just as crazy as the game itself!

Speaking Simulator has been playable at PAX Australia for a couple of years now, meaning we’ve had a great opportunity to try it out. I can safely say that Speaking Simulator brings a level of lunacy and comedy that was very much appreciated. You could describe the game as a mix of the awkward-yet-hilarious control scheme of QWOP alongside the thematic and narrative strangeness of Octodad. Blending in with human society whilst your eyes pop out and you begin sparking from every joint is certainly a sight to behold.

Climb the corporate ladder, engage in a range of different social situations, upgrade your speech skills, and convince those around you that you’re definitely not a robot trying to enslave humanity as we know it.

Speaking Simulator was previously only revealed as a PC launch, but the game is now also coming to Nintendo Switch on January 30. God speed, regular human person!