New RE3 Remake trailer has us seeing STARS

Posted on January 16, 2020

Lately I’ve been losing sleep… dreamin’ about RE3 Remake! The highly-anticipated follow-up to last year’s Resident Evil 2 is looking better and better with each new bit of info, and some great new morsels have emerged from Capcom! I for one can not wait to sink my teeth into them. Itch be damned.

Let’s start off with a bazooka-sized bang, as we have a brand new trailer to salivate over! Have a watch while I grab some more food, I’ve been craving steak like you wouldn’t believe.

Damn scratch… *ahem* as we just saw, there is plenty to glean from this new footage, so let’s see what we can spot to get hype about!

For starters, Nemesis looks perfectly horrific, both to contend with and to look at. Our favourite behemoth is sporting an updated look that manages to give a great balance of old and new design, which would be essential for RE3 Remake to get right. To my eye (which doesn’t seem to want to blink anymore), they hit the ugly nail on the head.

Gameplay-wise, there’s apparently a lot more frantic action to be had here, as crowds of the undead (plus some familiar reptilian foes) block your path to survival. Couple that with the ever-lurking Nemesis, who’s set to make Mr. X look like an Avon Lady, and we’re in for the fight of our lives. Well, at least Jill is. Wonder how she… hm. Forget it.

Also of note are the number of locales that fans of the original game should recognise on sight, in particular the RPD from the remake of 2. We’ll get to see what made that massive hole in the wall for ourselves this time! Stupid survivors just… run…

The streets of Raccoon City in RE3 Remake

New *cough* details are also coming from the official Capcom website for the game. Certain… plot elements are being reworked to better fit the, the narrative. The story. Jill starts the game having been put under house arrest by the Umbrella-controlled police department, and in a fun surprise, Carlos Olivera will be getting an expanded gameplay section for himself. More fun… More… *cough*

The game… getting Collector’s Edition. Map… music… statue… might try statue…

The RE3 Remake Collector's Edition

RE3 Remake is coming… April… Third. Xbox, Play… Station… PC… Comes with… RE Resistance… More… people… more… food…

Come soon… Jill… so hungryyyyyyy…

(Editors note: Ashley has disappeared after being seen trying to munch on another member of the Checkpoint team. This article was found unfinished on an abandoned laptop).