The Division 2 and its next romp takes you to Coney Island

Posted January 31, 2020

Almost a year after the game’s release, Ubisoft are continuing to trudge along with their looter shooter The Division 2. The trailer for the next free post-launch content dropped this week, and it has the fun setting of Coney Island. This is an interesting move too, given the sequel is based in Washington DC. Coney Island however, is in New York, coincidentally where the first game was set.

Explosions and gunfire are electric and impactful in the trailer. They show soldiers gunfight their way through the alleys of Coney Island. The cinematic trailer also explores what looks to be a key mission for the world of The Division. Your mission at Coney Island is to track down and rescue a captive scientist that has the cure for the plague that spans the United States. Naturally, it won’t be easy. A long series of enemies, each with different strengths and health levels, stand in your way.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about the upcoming DLC is the tease of a new specialisation. Yes, it looks like players will get to get their hands on an utterly devastating flamethrower. Use this to your strength and keep big groups of enemies at bay.

The Division 2

The Division 2 was a great game that released to an average reception. Luke described the game as “a strong, evolved successor,” in his review. The game garnered attention both from fans of the original and brought in new ones. It’s still very much worth the love even if it wasn’t received as well commercially as developer Ubisoft would have liked. There’s a reason it made Checkpoint’s Game of the Year list last year.

This funhouse carnival adventure isn’t far off at all for fans of the Division 2. The thrilling third episode of free post launch content is due sometime in February. Expect it to release on PC and consoles concurrently.

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