Cloudpunk lets you live like a local and fly through the skies

Posted on February 19, 2020

Can’t wait until September to explore the world of Cyberpunk 2077? Well the indie studio based in Berlin, Ion Lands, is releasing a new game that will scratch that itch. Cloudpunk lets you spend one crazy night in a Cyberpunk city. The game, originally announced for PC in 2018 (on PC it has been wish listed an astonishing 85,000 time so far) was announced last week as now coming to PS4, Xbox and Switch.

The game sees you in the city of Nivalis, zipping around in your flying car as an employee of the Cloudpunk delivery company. Here you’ll get to meet all types of interesting folk and deliver items that verge on the illegal and somewhat distasteful. These interactions with the citizens of Nivalis include everyone from the wealthiest, to the poorest, to human, AI and a mixture of all of the above. On your journey you’ll have your pooch AI Camus with you and can fly around with him, seeing as his personality has been uploaded into your car.

Characters are vast and expansive, including members of a robot gang BlackFourOh, who are being chased by police due to their involvement in city regeneration causes. There’s also an android replica of a popstar named Dolly and the cliché talking robot private investigator, Huxley, who just happens to be constantly malfunctioning.

Thomas Welsh, the lead writer and narrative designer of the game, said that the team, in creating the open world of Cloudpunk, was influenced by real cities and dystopian popular culture. Some of these influences include Die Hard, The Warriors, Arkham Asylum, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Welsh has also discussed that he, “wrote an overarching main story as well as a hundred little side stories” with all your choices mattering and impacting how your night with play out.

Cloudpunk’s gameplay is all about exploration; it does not include shooting or combat of any kind. It is a game that offers the player an opportunity to feel like they are a resident of Nivalis with its open world and narrative-focus.

Cloudpunk comes to PS4, PC, Xbox and Switch sometime in 2020.