Free games for PS4, Xbox, and PC subscribers in February 2020

Posted on February 3, 2020

Today we present the free games for PS Plus, Xbox Gold, Humble Monthly, Twitch Prime and Epic Games subscribers for the month of February. One month already down in 2020, and yet we continue to be gifted with some outstanding titles from these services.

PlayStation Plus

  • Bioshock: The Collection (available February 4 – March 3)
    One of my personal favourite series to be created, and one that I have spent countless hours replaying. This collection includes remastered versions of the 3 original entries, along with their accompanying DLC. If for some reason you have not played any of these titles yet, then I strongly urge you to check these out as they are highly influential and respected within the FPS arena. A perfect time to revisit this series as the latest instalment is currently in development.
  • The Sims 4 (available February 4 – March 3)
    The fourth mainline entry into the ever-popular Sims series. This instalment brought a range of new additions and changes, and if you are a fan of the series it is a great title to play through and create and evolve a new digital family.
  • Firewall Zero Hour (PSVR Only) (available February 4 – March 3)
    Focusing on providing an immersive shooter experience that sees you choose from 1 of 12 mercenaries to complete missions. This title is a VR exclusive but supports the PSVR Aim Controller for increased precision, but can be played with standard DualShock 4 controllers too.

Xbox Games with Gold

Xbox One

  • Batman: The Telltale Series – The Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) (available January 16 – February 15)
    A fantastic interactive title from Telltale Games, the studio behind the popular Walking Dead titles. This version comes with all 5 episodes that puts you in the shoes of the caped crusader. You can view the trailer here.
  • TT Isle of Man (available February 1 – February 29)
    An immersive motorbike racing simulation game that is sure to please fans of driving titles. You can view the trailer here.
  • Call of Cthulhu (available February 16 – March 15)
    A Lovecraftian inspired title that focuses less on action and more on stealth and psychological horror set within a semi-open world in 1924. Uncover the mystery surrounding the desolate town of Darkwater. You can view the trailer here.

Xbox 360

  • Fable Heroes (available February 1 – February 15)
    A cute hack-and-slash spin-off title from the mainline games that gives you the choice of 12 characters to use when battling foes and collecting coins to unlock new items. You can view the trailer here.
  • Star Wars Battlefront (available February 16 – February 29)
    The original Xbox title that started the incredibly popular series in the Star Wars universe. Battle as one of many classic characters from the films as you seek to dominate the opposing force by capturing all the command posts or eliminating their entire force.

Humble Monthly

Titles will be announced 7th of February. We will update once the titles are known.

Epic Games

  • Farming Simulator 19 (available until February 7)
    If you ever wanted to give farming a go then this is the title for you. Start a farm and manage all aspects of it including planting seeds, harvesting, buying new equipment and vehicles and creating a thriving farm to your liking. You can view the trailer here.
  • Carcassonne (available February 7 – February 14)
    A turn-based strategy game based on the popular board game where you set tiles down to take over as much land as possible. You can view the trailer here.
  • Ticket to Ride (available February 7 – February 14)
    Based on the classic board game, in this railway adventure you’ll need to be the quickest to link up your cities and reach your destinations. You can view the trailer here.

Twitch Prime

  • Narcos: Rise of the Cartels (available from February 3)
    A brutal turn-based strategy game in the vein of X-COM titles that yields a surprisingly fun time. You can view the trailer here.
  • Desert Child (available from February 3)
    Race and shoot your way to earn cash to upgrade your bike and arsenal in an effort to get to the Red Planet and win the Grand Prix. You can view the trailer here.
  • American Fugitive (available from February 3)
    A game that will be all too familiar for fans of the old school GTA titles, featuring an open world and a top-down perspective. Drive and shoot your way through various missions in the deep south during the 1980s. You can view the trailer here.
  • Steredenn (available from February 3)
    Steredenn is a frenetic and chaotic space shooter, carved in big beautiful pixels, with insane boss battles. If you are a fan of bullet-hell games then you’ll enjoy this title. You can view the trailer here.
  • White Night (available from February 3)
    A survival horror with a monochromatic graphical style set in an abandoned mansion. Solve various puzzles of light and shadows to uncover the mystery.  You can view the trailer here.

And that’s all the free games for February. Which ones do you plan on playing? What free games would you like to see for March of 2020? Let us know!