‘Hokko Life’ On Steam puts PC spin on ‘Animal Crossing’

Posted on February 20, 2020

PC players can now rejoice as Steam gears up to release its own animal-themed life simulator, Hokko Life. The genre, popularised by Nintendo’s Animal Crossing franchise, has so far been lacking in PC alternatives, leaving many PC gamers wanting. While Hokko Life is not a part of the aforementioned franchise, it brings its own charm and advantages to the slice-of-life simulators we love to relax with.

Developed by Robert Tatnell, this indie RPG takes what we know and love from Animal Crossing and gives it a little something different. Catered specifically towards PC players, the game features an assortment of animal-themed villagers and creative elements. The player will be able to immerse themselves in town life in much the same way as one does in Animal Crossing – fishing, gardening, and bug catching. Hokko Life will also include an impressive list of creativity features, that will allow the player to craft the home and town of their dreams.

With villagers and features reminiscent of other life sims, what does Hokko Life have that will make it standout? Well, lets take a quick look at those creativity features I mentioned.

Craft and Design

This feature allows the player to find, collect, and craft these items into materials to be used in the design process.

Using the workshop and design table, the items collected while chopping or mining can be turned into personalised furniture pieces. Shapes and materials can be combined in the user-friendly and capable editor.


Become the designer of your own fashion statements with this feature. From wallpaper and flooring, to t-shirts that can be worn by the villagers in your town, this feature promises to be a lot of fun.

Build and Decorate

Put your interior designer to the test using this feature. With the help of the resident builder, your town can be expanded and customised as the player likes, placing and decorating homes ready for villagers to move in.

Farm, Fish and Hunt

Land can be transformed into garden beds. Crops can be planted, harvested, and sold to the townsfolk. This feature allows you to become a master gardener or business-minded farmer, supplying the townspeople with fresh produce.

This feature allows the player to visit various fishing locations around Hokko, learning the unique habits of the creatures and building up their collection of fish.

Bugs, that is. This feature, much like the fishing feature, encourages the exploration of Hokko in search of scuttling and fluttering insects. Build your collection and become the best bug catcher in town!

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This community sim will be in early access in 2020, and a full release of the title is planned for early 2021. Hokko Life can be added to your Steam Wishlist now, available for Windows through Steam.

For fans of: Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, The Sims, or even Minecraft.