In Other Waters lets you explore the depths of an alien ocean

Posted on February 6, 2020

Melbourne based indie game label Fellow Traveller have teamed up with Jump Over the Age studio to publish the point and click Sci-Fi adventure game, In Other Waters.

The Fellow Traveller team have published such titles as the Big Brother dystopian PC game, Orwell and the atmospheric survival game, The Stillness of the Wind. Jump Over the Age is one man-studio run by Gareth Damian Martin who is a designer, artist and writer. Martin has already been recognised at the IndieCade Eurpe awards where he won the Jury Prix for In Other Waters in 2019.

In Other Waters centers around Xenobiologist (a scientist who studies alien life) Ellery Vas. Whilst searching for her missing partner she is called to abandoned planet, Gliese 677Cc where she finds only a barely functioning diving suit and an AI to guide her through the mystery base. You play the AI, who needs to help her uncover secrets and help her survive the depths of the ocean.

Gameplay will be calm and focus on, “wonder and exploration” and “fear and vulnerability” rather than “soldiers and violence” according to the developers. The connection between you, the AI, and Ellery will also develop with actions like not keeping her oxygen at a healthy level leading to negatively impacting on your relationship.

You will also be sampling new creatures and with each sample obtained new areas will unlock.  Each new discovery will unlock side quests, new areas of previously visited locations and increase your character dialogue with Ellery.

Upgrades that you find throughout your journey will allow you to dive even deeper into the waters and answer the numerous questions that you will have after further exploration of the planet’s ecosystem.

In Other Waters deep dives onto PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020.