PlayStation wants the PS4 community to work together to win exclusive prizes

Posted on February 21, 2020

Need another excuse to power up your PlayStation and have a solid gaming session? PlayStation Player Celebration may just be the excuse you need! PlayStation are asking the PS4 community to work together to achieve a set of goals to win all sorts of exclusive themes and prizes.

So, what do you need to do? You need to sign up here and then play your little heart out from February the 24th. Seems simple enough, right? PlayStation Player Celebration has three stages, each starting when each goal has been achieved. The Player Celebration will end when all three goals have been achieved.  If the PS4 community can’t reach all three goals, the event will end on the 15th of March.

Goal one is for the community to play 125 thousand games and earn 500 thousand trophies. This will kick off on the 24th of February and prizes will be an exclusive PSN avatar and an exclusive PS4 static theme.

Goal two is 375 thousand games played and 1.5 million trophies earned. This will earn the community five exclusive PSN avatar images.

Goal three is 675 thousand games played and 2.7 million trophies earned. The prize will be an exclusive PS4 dynamic theme.


To add to the “games played” players need to play a selected game for an hour (this can be spread over multiple sessions) so if you love hopping between games, you could score big in this section. To earn trophies, every trophy you are awarded is counted with multiplayer trophies counted as double.

Other than the above goals and prizes, players will have the opportunity to win an exclusive PlayStation kit by answering a question here, but not until the 17th of March 11am GMT time (which is 10pm AEDT). The first two PS4 players to answer the question correctly will get their hands on the kit.

The kit includes an actual (not digital!) PlayStation Platinum Trophy with your PSN ID carved into it, $100 PlayStation store voucher and also vouchers for specific PS4 games.

So find a comfy spot on the couch, grab your controller and let’s get playing PS4 team!