Seven year-old girl wins the Oceanic Pokémon Championship

Posted on February 27, 2020

Have you been playing Pokémon since Red and Blue? Think you’re pretty good and know your way around the games? Guess again… a seven year-old has won the Pokémon Oceania International Juniors Championships.
Simone Lim faced off in Victoria, Australia against Justin Miranda-Radbord at the Melbourne Exhibition Center. The competition is the largest of the season, offering prizes for the trading card and video game competitors. Hosted by the ESL and sponsored officially by the Pokémon Company, this is no casual meet-up.

 The opponent, Justin Miranda-Radbord, is a big name in the Pokémon video game division. He has several championships under his belt, including the Hartford Regional. Leading up to this match, Justin was dominating 5-0 against the majority of his rivals. Little did he know he was about to make another dangerous foe.
The young Singaporean, Simone Lim, humbly made her way to the finals over the weekend. She powered through with a disadvantage starting at the seventh seed. With a plush Eevee by her side, she triumphantly fought to the final round establishing herself as a powerful trainer.
Simone Lim Checkpoint Pokemon Championship Seven Year-Old 1
At the last leg of the match, Simone faced a one-vs-two scenario. Her Tyranitar tackled Justin’s stronger team of Rhyperior and Dusclops. The seven year-old strategically knocked out Dusclops first before swiftly finishing Rhyperior the following turn. As the reality of the situation settled in, Simone happily smiles at her friends and viewers in celebration.

This championship is not only a cute story about a seven year-old, but a demonstration of progression in eSports. The competitive scene is often riddled with toxic behaviour and issues. Sharing the journey of this young girl’s win is an inspiring tale for other potential competitors and women of gaming. It proves that gaming can really be for everyone and anyone, no matter your age or background.

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