Fallout 76 toilet paper crisis is a sad mirror of reality

Posted on March 24, 2020

Fallout 76 players have begun echoing current fears from the real world. As you may know, toilet paper hoarding has reached an all time high due to COVID-19 panic. TP has become such a (semi-)precious resource that you can now calculate exactly how much you need to get through self-isolation. Virtual toilet paper in Fallout isn’t nearly as useful as it is in real life, but that isn’t stopping some players from hoarding it anyway.


That is a single roll of virtual toilet paper, worth a single cap, being sold for 25 thousand. Alongside it are items that increase character damage and carry capacity for no less than 300 caps each. Reminder: toilet paper in Fallout 76 only really exists to break down into crafting components. If you think that sounds ridiculous, I agree with you.

But there’s something uplifting about people using Fallout 76 to poke fun at the real world. For some, the internet is one of the only places they feel safe to connect with others. These last few weeks, that’s become true for many, many more people. It’s interesting to see how the current climate has led people to become creative online. Hoarding digital paper is one thing, but check out how some players are storing the bad boys.

It’s a tough time right now. It’s important to stay safe as much as you can. If you won’t listen to us, let the Fallout 76 community inform you.

Despite being a major departure from previous games in the series and launching in a rough state, Fallout 76 seems to somehow have a vibrant community around it. The Wastelanders update, which will bring NPCs to the game is still on route to land in April. Hopefully the real world won’t turn into a dystopian irradiated wasteland like the Fallout games. But in the off chance it does happen, let’s hope we all get power armour. That would be sweet.