New Overwatch hero, Echo, is a copy cat

Posted on March 22, 2020

Overwatch’s 32nd hero is soon to be out and her name is Echo. First introduced in animated short “Reunions”, and seen in the trailer for Overwatch 2, Echo is finally here.

She’s a DPS hero that handles a little similar to Pharah. Her moveset is a little basic, but it’s her ult where she really shines. Using her ult, Duplicate, she can copy enemy heroes and use their powers against them. When she copies them, she has increased ult generation, and a separate health bar that mirrors the hero she copied. Her upped ult generation means that she can spam attacks and chain together combos to devastating effect. She also can’t die in this form; when her health bar runs out, she just reverts to back to herself. Overall this makes her an absolute monster when she pops off, allowing her to rampage all over the map. Good thing she’s on our side.

Overwatch has often been compared to Team Fortress 2, and it’s understandable. Both are an FPS game with a colourful cast of characters. But up to now, it’s always felt like there’s something lacking in that comparison. And that’s the Spy. There was always something fun about dressing up as your opponents and going to town on the opposing team. But now Echo offers a similar experience. Sure, you can’t blend in seamlessly with the enemy rank and file and sow chaos. But you can still rain down mayhem on the opposing faction while wearing their face of their allies, which is just as good.

Echo is currently playable for PC gamers in the latest Public Test Realm patch. She’ll be added to the full game soon, most likely within the next month. That gives you plenty of time to take this new hero for a test drive.