Razer to begin manufacturing surgical masks

Posted on March 22, 2020

Razer is well known for manufacturing a wide range of gaming accessories and laptops but has recently announced they will alter their manufacturing to now include surgical facemasks.

Razer is synonymous with gaming, all you need to do is look at one of their Chroma lighted peripherals that screams ‘I AM A GAMER!’. Although due to the current world situation, they have decided to assist by dedicating some of their manufacturing lines to producing surgical masks.

In a Twitter thread (see below), Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan announced the initiative to assist with reducing the spread of the Coronavirus and assisting with the current world shortage of medical consumables.

Tan stated that Razer is planning to allocate the first shipments to Singapore, where one of its two headquarters are located. The company’s other 18 offices across the globe are also contacting their local governments and health authorities about supporting with potential donations as well.

Medical consumables are in high demand due to the current pandemic, with many healthcare facilities facing extreme shortages across the world of necessary stock required to help defend against and combat Coronavirus.

I wonder if these surgical masks will also come complete with Chroma lighting customisation? All jokes aside, it is fantastic to yet again see the video gaming community supporting where possible, even if it means going outside of their usual comfort zone.

According to Tan, this is only the beginning of its efforts to support the world during this uncertain time, so it remains to be seen what other measures the company will take to assist further. It is also important to note that local authorities have requested civilians to not purchase surgical masks as these are desperately required for hospital staff to perform vital duties.

The Coronavirus continues to disrupt many industries including gaming, with Pokémon GO making changes to their game, along with Fortress Melbourne, a brand new gaming hub closing temporarily only days after their grand opening.