Control will be coming to next gen consoles

Posted on June 14, 2020

Remedy Entertainment, the developers of Control, has announced that their sleeper hit of 2019 is soon to be available on both Xbox Series X and PS5. The announcement was made via the game’s Twitter page just hours after the PS5 Future Of Gaming live stream.

For those who are not aware, the game is an action-adventure Sci-Fi thriller set within The Oldest House located in New York City. Protagonist Jesse Faden has been drawn to the building on the hunt to find her missing brother. There she finds it is inhabited by The Federal Bureau of Control, an organisation that investigates paranormal objects and events. The Bureau at the moment of Jesse’s arrival has been infiltrated by an alien entity called The Hiss. This has not only corrupted several employees of the Bureau but also the reality of the building. The narrative expands and mysteries of the Bureau, The Hiss and Jesse’s connection with it unravel as you battle through the hallways and office spaces of The Oldest House. We at Checkpoint loved the game so much that it came in at number four on our Top Ten games of 2019.


This decision by Remedy seems fitting as the game is visually stunning. Though it takes place in one central building, the surroundings are very heavily inspired by Brutalist architecture. This style originated in Britain in the 1950s and heavily focuses on geometric shapes. The design director, Stuart Macdonald, explained they used this style due to its “sense of power, weight, strength and stability.”

The use of lighting was also important to the developers, something that they have “only been able to properly pull off recently.” This is due to new advances in gaming technology which gives them “added freedom.” Therefore, The Oldest House is going to look more sinister and striking when it is released for next gen! Though the release date for the current generation has not been announced, fans of the game can keep themselves busy by playing The Foundation DLC.

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