Demon Turf is a very Paper Mario style platformer

Posted on June 11, 2020

When IGN announced a Summer of Gaming event back in April, it was hard to predict how it’d deliver. The event, that’s running throughout June, has now kicked off, and one of the first announcements was platformer Demon Turf. 

If you’re a fan of classic 3D Platformers than this may very well entice you. It’s got a cute, charming world made in 2D art within a 3D world. Due to this, characters, props and environment pieces in the world look almost cardboard-like in dimension, not dissimilar to Paper Mario in design.

Even as an indie project, it also does look quite exciting in premise and scope. You play as a “young” just over thousand-year-old demon by the name of Beebz. She’s on a mission to beat up any demon that stands in her way, ruling each turf in the Demon World in hopes to become the Demon Queen. The game will see you traversing environments such as a hub town, beaches, under deep seas, castles in the sky, and more. A hook will allow you to climb some of these high and hard to reach places, while the vampiric-like ability to morph into a bat will let you clear long gaps.

Combat is quite present in the game too. All of the game’s environments are known as turfs. In these lie bosses known as turf leaders that’ll be prepared to stop you in your tracks. Spells such as a magical fist can be used to push back groups of enemies, while your hook can be used to quite literally pull apart individual foes. There’s even a lovely little photo mode and side quests assigned to you in your hub town to also keep you busy. Isn’t that just adorable?

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Demon Turf is being developed and published by Fabraz, the developers of Slime-san. It doesn’t yet have an exact release date but will be coming to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

If you’re keen for more of a look at Demon Turf, IGN’s Brian Altano sat down and interviewed both the CEO of Fabraz and the lead programmer on the game. You can find that here.