Devs show their support for Black Lives Matter

Posted on June 2, 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year for many, and not the good kind. The recent event in the US involving the ongoing protests against police brutality, jumpstarted by the death of George Floyd, has led to some companies postponing content to let Black Lives Matter voices be heard during this difficult time. with others also voicing their support.

In a tweet from the official COD Twitter account, it was revealed that the upcoming season 4 of Warzone and season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile will be delayed to a later date. It was set to be released on June 3rd 2020. In the tweet, which you can read below, the account states “Right now it’s time for those speaking up for equality, justice, and change to be seen and heard,” closing with “We stand alongside you.”

Call of Duty is hardly the only one. Several other gaming developers and publishers have taken to Twitter to voice their support for Black Lives Matter, including Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Naughty Dog, and Riot Games. Lining them up, they all strike a similar image. Here’s Activision Blizzard’s statement:

And here’s the official tweet from Fallout publisher Bethesda:

Here’s Naughty Dog head Neil Druckman demonstrating his support in more than just words:

And here’s the official Tweet from League of Legends developer Riot Games:

Sony also recently delayed the upcoming PS5 event that was slated for June 4th to allow for “more important voices to be heard”.

In these times of unrest, when people are fighting to stand up for their rights, it’s good to see these large companies deciding to take a backseat. The Black Lives Matter movement is important for those all around the globe.

If you wish to provide your support for this movement, BET lists several places you can do so.