Horizon 2: Forbidden West closes out the PS5 event

Posted on June 12, 2020

PlayStation brought their A game this morning with their PS5 reveal event, and they may have saved the best for last. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn was revealed to finish the show, called Horizon 2: Forbidden West.

Apart from dropping the awfully generic “Zero Dawn” from this one, which makes good marketing sense, Horizon 2 looks appropriately stunning, picking up where the last game left off, heading to the Forbidden West (which, yes, was a datapoint from a scanned glyph in the first game).

Showcasing underwater exploration and some new robotic creatures to battle, along with some familiar faces and some landmarks from “the old world” popping up for good measure, PlayStation did well to finish their first PS5 event with the continuation of a loved franchise like this, and of course it looks incredible. While there wasn’t a lot of information on the release beyond the trailer they showed, Guerrilla Games promised to share more information soon.

Horizon 2

Horizon 2: Forbidden West will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 – but sorry, no release date on this one yet, so probably not a launch title.