World of Tanks Blitz celebrates its 6th year with a Big Birthday Bash!

Posted on June 18, 2020

You may not remember your 6th Birthday party, but World of Tanks Blitz is making sure you’ll remember theirs! The free-to-play team focused tank combat action game now has 137 million downloads worldwide since it was released in 2014. To celebrate this milestone, the devs at Wargaming have released some fun new updates and events to keep the party rolling well into July.

Firstly, there’s a new update. Update 7.0 will release today and feature three new high-tier British tanks. The FV 301, Tier VIII, Vickers Cruiser, Tier IX and the Vickers Light 105, Tier X. These new tanks have been described to be not only faster, with more accurate rapid-firing guns, but also extremely observant. The player will be able to buy the FV 301 after researching the Comet. They will then have access to the new branch of tanks.

The update will also include graphic improvements, such as object destruction, dust, gun recoil, tank track traces and flames. 7.0 also includes a graphical customisation menu. World of Tanks Blitz Product Director, Andrey Ryabovol said this decision was made so that players are free to choose what is turned on or off, and it gives them a greater control over their Blitz experience.”

A special event will run from the 19th – 29th of June that sees players hunting down a unique Tier VI tank, the P.43/06 Anniversario. Players who complete the event will be gifted with a special birthday player profile.

The climax of the party festivities will be Skirmish. This is a brand-new limited-time game mode that will be launched on the 9th of July. It involves two teams of 5 players who will battle over small maps that have been designed specifically for high-powered and fierce gameplay. This will be a hard battle, with Wargaming saying players will “need nerves of steel” to be victorious. 

For more information about Update 7.0 visit the games official website. Make sure to keep an eye on Checkpoint Gaming for all the latest gaming news and reviews!