Tell Me Why gets new trailer and release date

Posted on July 24, 2020

Tell Me Why, DONTNOD’s next multichapter urban fantasy epic, finally has a release date. The details surrounding this release as well as a new trailer were revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase this morning

Tell Me Why is slated for three installments, with the first chapter ready for release on August 27, coming to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One and PC. It’ll also be hitting the Xbox Series X further down the track. The game will follow twins Alex and Tyler as they reunite and travel back home to make peace with their troubled past. But it seems strange things are afoot as details start coming to light about their childhood, with the twins soon learning this is one mystery better left in the past.

Tyler, a trans man, will be the first transgender videogame protagonist to come from a large studio. DONTNOD has worked alongside GLADD to make sure Taylor is “an authentic representation of the trans experience, as well as a genuine, multidimensional character.” So not only does this game look fantastic, delivering on all the paranormal weirdness fans expect from DONTNOD, but it will be a major step for positive trans representation in videogames.

2020 is shaping up to be the watershed moment for trans characters in videogames. The games industry is showing more and more support for trans people, with other major releases, such as  The Last of Us 2, getting behind the community. And while some representation leaves much to be desired, there’s still no denying this is a net positive. Tell Me Why looks to continue this trend of positive rep, and the world will be a better place because of it.