The Medium forces you to explore a creepy dual-reality

Posted on July 24, 2020

We love a good horror game here at Checkpoint, and The Medium looks set to spook us all to pieces when it launches on Xbox Series X and PC later this year with awesome looking dual-reality gameplay.

The new trailer, shown off at the Xbox Games Showcase, highlights further what we can expect when it comes to having a main character that can jump between two different realities; one that looks relatively normal, and one that’s… well, straight out of your nightmares. Take a look.

The trailer flips between the two realities and at times shows them side-by-side, indicating that Marianne will be forced to bounce between them to get the whole story and uncover the horrible mystery dwelling within. Even more exciting is that using the power of next-gen technology, both of these worlds can be rendered, displayed, interacted with, and explored at the same time.

“…The Medium renders two fully-fledged and visually distinct worlds simultaneously with no visible loading times.” says Wojciech Piejko, Lead Game Designer. “At different points in the game, players will find themselves playing in either of the worlds, or within both at the same time, with the game purposefully designed in this way to ensure variety and surprise.”

“This technology provides players a unique way to play, and a whole new experience and perspective. A seemingly impossible to find escape in the real world, or an unsolvable puzzle, can be unveiled in the spirit world via Marianne’s medium powers. And with different controller inputs mapped to each world, exploration and puzzle-solving can be simultaneous when needed.”

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The Medium comes from Bloober Team, who have been crafting their horror stylings over the years with Observer, Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, both of which showed improvements with each outing. There’s a lot of potential with this one to truly satisfy your scary itch, especially with soundtrack composition coming from the talented Akira Yamaoka and Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski.

The Medium is set to launch on Xbox Series X and PC later in 2020, although there is no firm release date yet (likely as there is no release date for the Xbox Series X yet). Either way, we’re looking forward to a scary time.