Fall Guys is now the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game

Posted August 27, 2020

Proving once more that the game about the little jellybean-like characters has incredible power, Fall Guys is now the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever. The huge news came from a tweet from PlayStation’s Twitter, celebrating the feat.

Launching just over three weeks ago on the 4th of August, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (who even calls it by its full name, really?) took the world by storm. The cute little game saw matches of 60 players jumping into bite sized Takeshi’s Castle and Mario Party style mini-games. Gradually, players are eliminated and whittled down until there’s just one left standing, taking the crown. It was a totally fresh take on the battle royale genres and just reeled players in. Evidently so; it’s been downloaded as a PlayStation Plus game more than giants such as console exclusive The Last of Us: Remastered and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Seriously impressive stuff.

Ed Fear, the lead creative at MediaTonic, the developer of the game, reacted quite humorously and excitedly to the news. He simply quote tweeted the news, saying “what.” Fear also hinted to the success the game has also found on Steam: “also I found out how many copies we’ve sold on Steam yesterday and FUCKING. HELL. (no I’m not saying, I’d get killed,)” he said in a further tweet.

Fall Guys

With a patch just released to address some player feedback and a look at season 2 of the game coming at Gamescom later this week, the cute little battle royale that could is on good grounds. Here’s to Mediatonic on the huge win!

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