Xbox Series S seemingly confirmed by controller packaging leak

Posted on August 10, 2020

For quite a while there have been rumours about two simultaneous runs of the next generation of Xbox consoles. One run was said to be the stronger console, with boosted graphics and tech. This make was code named the Anaconda (also previously known as Project Scarlet). This was all but confirmed to exist, with it being revealed at last years Game Awards as the name we now know it: Xbox Series X. Still, the rumoured other new Xbox device was a digital-download only, diskless model. This one was code named Lockhart aka Xbox Series S (Yes, the naming convention is very confusing). It was never accounted for, but with a recent controller packaging leak, it may very well be soon.

According to some images obtained by tech publication The Verge, this model is all but confirmed. In the images provided below, the ‘Robot White’ is a packaged controller that will be available for the Xbox Series X. In the packaging, there’s the manual outlining your typical device details and what other devices the controller will support. Listed here is the Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox Series X and, most interestingly, the Xbox Series S.

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With the next generations of consoles set to launch sometime before the years up, the clock is ticking. Respected games industry analyst Jeff Grub commented on the news of this controller leak, noting to expect details coming “within three weeks.” Things are definitely about to get real interesting.

It’s safe to say everything is heating up in the games industry. Expect some exciting news to come in the months to follow. We’ll be here, keeping you covered as always.