Fall Guys mid-season update brings remixes and Big Yeetus

Posted on September 16, 2020

Fall Guys just keeps on getting more and more exciting, and a mid-season update has just dropped, set to add another layer of colourful chaos, with remixed gauntlet levels, the introduction of Big Yeetus, plus some tightening of things behind-the scenes to help with anti-cheat measures. Check out the crazy trailer!

The courses look to have changed slightly with the addition of these Remixes, with hammers, poles, fruit and balls in new and troublesome places. Considering Fall Guys has had so many players comfortable for a while now and having somewhat “mastered” the courses available, this is sure to spice things up for the remainder of the season. On top of that, some courses will have the addition of Big Yeetus, a giant hammer that’s set to send your bean flying across the map.

On top of that, Mediatonic has also implemented Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat in order to combat players using tools that hook into the game to apply hacks. “Easy Anti-Cheat is used by the best in the business and will mean our jelly beans receive the very best protection from the bad eggs seeking to exploit them” says the press release. Cheating has been rampant in the PC version of Fall Guys for a couple of weeks now; in my sessions over the past few days, it seems like every third or fourth match has somebody in their hacking, removing the possibility of victory, which is very frustrating.

The team has also “been implementing hot-fixes and tweaks to improve the Fall Guys experience since day one, and this major mid-season patch continues this quest! Players can expect changes to enhance server stability, nifty VFX improvements and a whole lot more to make Fall Guys just that little bit smoother.”

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It’s good to see Fall Guys aren’t resting on their laurels and waiting for the next season to start in order to make changes. These remixes should switch things up for the time being, and the anti-cheat and enhanced server stability will go a long way to keeping us stumbling over each other well up to the end of Season 1 on October 6th.

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