God of War sequel confirmed to hit us in 2021

Posted September 17, 2020

Fresh off the latest PlayStation 5 showcase, there were quite a few exciting game announcements. One of the big ones, closing out the show, was the very anticipated next game in the God of War series.

Yes, after finally showing off price-tag of the soon to be released PlayStation 5, we were promised one more surprise. That popular God of War logo slowly rolled onto screen, followed by the words “Ragnarok is coming.” Better yet, it’s coming in 2021. Oh. My. God. It was little more than a teaser, but check it out below:


God of War from 2018 was quite a beloved game, not just by the Checkpoint team but by all of gaming. Serving as a reboot of the series and a means rejection of some of the game’s old, dated sensibilities, it’s easy to see why.

T7he next game in the Sony Santa Monica-developed series will follow, due out sometime next year. We don’t have a confirmed date of course, but it’ll drop on PlayStation 5 and maybe, hopefully, PlayStation 4. Stay tuned.

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