PlayStation 5 release date and price revealed

Posted September 17, 2020

UPDATE: We can now confirm the price in AUD, thanks to the PlayStation AU Twitter. It will be $749.95, and $599.95 for the digital edition:

Original story: At the PlayStation 5 Showcase streaming event this morning, we were expecting a release date and price of the highly anticipated next gen console. And we finally got it.

The PlayStation 5 will be launching on 12th November 2020 with a price of $499USD for the disc version, and $399USD for the digital version. We don’t have confirmation on the pre-order date yet.

We’re still waiting on the official Australian pricing, but that converts to about $700AUD, which is very competitive with its direct competition.

Considering the price and release date of the Xbox Series X being revealed last week with pre-orders going live on September 22nd, it makes sense that PlayStation finally showed their hand. It was a pretty cool stream overall, with lots to look forward to in the coming years, although I would have liked some more solid release dates on the titles they showed.

Did you watch this morning? Are you hyped for the next generation?

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