Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X release date and price revealed

Posted on September 8, 2020

The design, price point, and release date of the Xbox Series S has been revealed in quick succession following leaked information and images of the upcoming next-gen console. Ever since the existence of the console itself was revealed via a leak of its controller and packaging, it has been presented as a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X. Rumors say that it will contain less RAM, CPU, and GPU power than the Series X, but it will be smaller, lighter, and cheaper as a trade-off. It may also be a download-only console, with no disk-drive.

In a video analysing the leaked images, Brad Sams speculated about certain features and aspects. The console in the image looks far smaller than the design of the Xbox Series X, lending credit to the rumours that the console will not include a disk drive. The video explains that the leaked information was “posted to the internet” as of the day the video was uploaded. Although there wasn’t a firm source for the origin of the leak, the information has quickly been corroborated by other news sources.

A report by Windows Central has reportedly confirmed that the information is genuine. According to the article, this design of the Xbox Series X is the real thing and really will be priced at $299 USD. They have also revealed that the price of the Xbox Series X will be $499 USD. More importantly, they have allegedly been given the release date of both the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X: November 10, 2020. 

There has been no official announcement from Microsoft on the matter yet, regarding either the Xbox Series S design or the release date. However, Windows Central is usually a trusted source for Microsoft news, so there is not yet a reason to think this is anything less than the real deal. We’ll need to wait for an official announcement to be sure.