Bugsnax confirmed as PS5 launch title

Posted on October 9, 2020

Young Horses, the developers behind the adorable viral hit Bugsnax, has confirmed the title will be available on the launch of the PS5 on November 12th.

It looks to be an island mystery with elements from games like Pokémon Snap, from the same team that worked on Octodad, so it’s exciting we’ll get to try it on our shiny new PS5’s come November. On top of that, they also confirmed the voice cast of the game.

The voice cast of Bugsnax includes talented folk from Devil May Cry 5, Persona 5, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Overwatch, and many more, including:

  • Wambus Troubleham – Fred Tatasciore (Overwatch)
  • Wiggle Bigglebottom – Kenna Ramsey (Background Vocals – David Foster’s live band)
  • Chandlo Funkbun – Yuri Lowenthal (Spider-Man PS4)
  • Filbo Fiddlepie – Max Mittelman (Saitama in One-Punch man)
  • Gramble Gigglefunny – Sam Riegel (Critical Role)
  • Shelda Smellywag – Debra Wilson (Jedi: Fallen Order)
  • Floofty Fizzlebean – Casey Mongillo (Evangelion)
  • Eggabell Batternugget – Fryda Wolff (Loba in Apex Legends)
  • Beffica Winklesnoot – Cassandra Lee Morris (Persona 5)
  • Snorpy Fizzlebean – Roger Craig Smith (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Cromdo Face – Rick Zieff (Terminator 3)
  • Clumby Clumbernut – Barbara Goodson (Rita Repulsa)
  • Elizabert Megafig- Helen Sadler (Battlefront)
  • Triffany Lottablog- Haviland Stillwell (Devil May Cry 5)

We’re still eager to find out more about this one and get our hands on it, after the trailer caught our eye and our hearts back at one of the early PlayStation showcase events earlier in the year. It certainly helps make for a cute launch of the PS5, with Sackboy and Astro already filling up the launch line-up with cute characters.

Bugsnax will come to PS5, PS4, and PC via the Epic Games Store on November 12th, for $37.99.