Free games for PS4, Xbox and PC subscribers in October

Posted on October 6, 2020

What’s better than games? Free games of course! Here is the list of all the free goodies you can pick up via PS Plus, Xbox Live, Humble, Epic and Twitch subscriptions for October 2020.

PlayStation Plus

  • Vampyr 
    Every year for the spooky season PS Plus release a scary game and this year it’s DontNod Entertainment’s action RPG Vampyr. This game is a hidden gem that came out in 2018. Dr Jonathan Reid is the main protagonist who is tasked with protecting Londoners….but he’s a newly turned vampire so expect lots of moral dilemmas! The story has some 2020 vibes as it’s set during 1918 and there just happens to be an influenza outbreak… Check out our review of Vampyr.
  • Need for Speed Payback
    This racing game set in the open world environment of Fortune Valley (based on Las Vegas) was released in 2017. It has three playable characters that each have their own different skill sets. Your crew’s aim is to bring down The House, a cartel that control Fortune Valley. You’ll need to complete a number of missions and challenges to gain the gangster’s respect and work to take em’ down. Make sure to check out our Need for Speed Payback review if you want to learn more!

PS4 Xbox Free games October


Xbox Games with Gold

  • Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut (available from October 1st – 31st)
    In this puzzle game set in 1984, you play as Skullface, a little slasher dude thats main aim is revenge. It’s a homage to 80s horror movies and includes lots of puzzles, lots of  slashing of over-sexed teens and lots of horror movie references.
  • Maid of Sker (available from October 16th – November 15th)
    A first-person survival horror that is based on Welsh folklore. Set in 1898 in the Sker House and its surrounds you have to survive the nightmares of the Quiet Men. The Sker House is a real place that still remains up and standing in Britain today….which just makes the whole experience a lot scarier! If you want to learn more, read our review.
  • Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (available from October 1st – 15th)
    This 2003 third-person action-adventure sees you playing as Sphinx, a demigod who travels via portals to foil the plans of his enemies. It is inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology and you get to team up with a cranky Mummy. Add a big splash of humor and what’s not to love?!
  • Costume Quest (available October 16th – 31st)
    Play as a kid that is out trick-or-treating with their twin on the night of Halloween in this party-based RPG. When your sibling gets snatched up by a monster, you’ll need to collect Halloween items, along with other kids to battle the monster baddies in turn based battles!

Humble Choice

  • Tropico 6: El Prez
    You can either play protagonist El Presidente as a feared dictator or as a man of the people! The fate of the island of Tropico is in your hands in this city builder, strategy game.
  • Autonauts
    As soon as your little dude is out of their spaceship they’re set on harvesting the world around them! Get busy crafting, growing and feeding your people in this automation game.
  • The Sunless Bundle
    This bundle combines both The Sunless Sea and The Sunless Skies. Both are horror RPGs with a focus on exploration and storytelling.
  • Iron Danger
    This tactical combat game combines turn-based and real-time game mechanics. In your party of two you will use a number of skills plus your environment to battle and ultimately (hopefully!) kill your enemies.
  • Shadows: Awakening
    Take control of the Devourer, a demon summoned by the Shadow Realm in this single-player RPG with real-time tactical combat. You’ll take over the souls of ancient dead heroes and set off on an epic tale.
  • Fae Tactics
    Play as young magic user Peony as you cast spells, and make mates to help you control the growing issues between humans and magical begins called Fae.
  • Fantasy Blacksmith
    Build your way up to becoming the ultimate blacksmith in this medieval, magical simulator. Wealth, fame and power will be yours if you can make yourself up the ranks and get good!
  • The Suicide of Rachel Foster
    Set in Montana in 1993, Nicole goes back to the hotel her family used to own as a teen. Here her father had an affair which led his mistress, Rachel Foster, to become pregnant and ultimately kill herself. What chilling discoveries will you find? Read our review for more on this title.
  • Goat of Duty
    Ever dreamed of playing Call of Duty….but as a goat? Well your dreams have come true with Goat of Duty! In this first person shooter you arm up your goat with all the weapons to survive the ultimate death match.
  • Darksburg
    Team up in this cooperative rougelite action game in order to evade the many Infected that have appeared in the tiny town of Darksburg. Power your Survivors up with heroics with a number of stats to beat the zombie type monsters plaguing your world.
  • Basement
    If Walter White was a struggling video game dev. You start in your uncle’s basement mixing chemicals and work your way up to fund your dream – bringing your video game to life in this strategy real time play game.
  • Lightmatter
    First person puzzle adventure where shadows can kill you! Watch your step through this sci-f facility of an insane inventor who created the ultimate source of power – Lightmatter.

Epic Games

  • Pikuniku (available until the 8th of October)
    Colourful and dystopian don’t usually go together, but they do in this puzzle-exploration game. Your aim is to help characters overcome their problems and dig up a conspiracy that is lingering in your world.
  • ABZU (available from October 8th – 15th)
    A beautiful under water adventure from the art director of Journey. The lower you swim, the more danger lurks beneath the depths. Read our review on ABZU for more!

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (available from October 8th – 15th)
This FPS, multiplayer sees you tackle the Vietnam war in up to 64 player battles. With more than 20 maps, over 50 weapons and 3 specific game modes, this gritty and brutal war game lets you fight as any side of one of the the most current and epic wars.

PS4 Xbox Free games October

Twitch Games with Prime

  • Autonauts
    As soon as your little dude is out of their spaceship they’re set on harvesting the world around them! Get busy crafting, growing and feeding your people in this automation game.
  • Pumped BMX Pro
    This fast-paced arcade BMX game sees you put all your tricks to the test. You can master 60 levels, smash through 200 challenges and choose between 15 different bikes to show your skills off on.
  • Effie
    Protagonist Galand is understandably mad that he has been cursed to age prematurely. He’s a young dude but looks about fifty! So he’s off to break the curse by solving puzzles and combating baddies. His magic shield will protect and aid him against the black magic that surrounds him in this 3D action-adventure.
  • Tiny Troopers Joint Ops
    Play as a teeny tiny trooper out to kill the baddies with your range of weapons. You can also recruit special mercenaries that will aid you in your fight such as Elite Delta Forces, Machine Gunner and Medics. This action arcade adventure is tiny but mighty!
  • Outcast – Second Contact
    A remake of the cult classic that started the open-world genre. Cutter Slade is an elite soldier who is exploring the alien world of Adelpha to close up a black hole and save the world!

Woah that’s a lot of free games! As you can see there’s something for every type of player this month and even more for those who love Horror! Enjoy the freebies and let us know what you think of the above list!