Kojima Productions is working on a new project… but what is it?

Posted on October 24, 2020

Kojima Productions released a Tweet yesterday advertising for the “best-in-class” talent to work on their next project. The company run by Hideo Kojima are famous for the Metal Gear series and most recently Death Stranding. The Tweet confirms that “a new project is in development” and that they are looking for “talent to work out of our Tokyo studio.”

Though nothing more has been said about what this “new project” may be, the link on the Tweet to the company’s career website offers some clues. Mentions of needing 3D model production for “weapons, gadget, vehicles, mechas” and for applicants to have experiences with “Event control systems in RPG.”

The word that gives us some clue as to what the project may be about is “mechas.” These are large armoured robots that are found in manga and anime. Seeing as Death Stranding did not contain any mecha, it is doubtful that the new project is a sequel to the 2019 release. However, the Metal Gear franchise does have a mecha presence, so could it be a new MG game?

Though you may think that more will be revealed soon about this “mystery” project, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Kojima is famously secretive of all his projects and even went to great lengths before the E3 reveal of Death Stranding back in 2016 for no information to be revealed before his presentation. These included using a different entrance to everyone else and refraining from using any of the bathrooms at the convention center in case he was seen.

However, if anything is revealed about this “secret” Kojima Productions project, Checkpoint will keep you in the loop! In the meantime to get your Kojima fix, Death Stranding is available on PS4 and PC.