Queer adventure game If Found is coming to Switch

Posted on October 16, 2020

Following its launch on Steam and iOS in May, indie adventure If Found is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 22nd. An interactive visual novel from developers Dream Feel, If Found follows its protagonist Kasio as she returns home to Ireland. It describes itself as a game “about searching for a connection” and explores Kasio’s conflict with her family, relationships with friends, and challenges she faces as a queer trans woman in the 90s.

Likened to games like Melbourne-developed Florence, If Found continues in publisher Annapurna Interactive’s tradition of telling atmospheric personal narratives in novel ways – such as in last year’s playable pop album Sayonara Wild Hearts. The unique storytelling mechanic in this offering involves erasing the past – quite literally, as the player erases parts of Kasio’s journal in order to progress. New content is being added for the Switch release, including new artwork and an extra chapter to the game’s narrative.

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