Red Dead Online to receive standalone release next week

Posted on November 25, 2020

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component for Red Dead Redemption 2 launched two years ago this week. To commemorate the occasion, Rockstar Games have announced that Red Dead Online will now also be offered as a standalone component. It’s a unique and new venture from the studio. Those that found the single player’s outrageous amount of content daunting may even warmly welcome this move.

Those following the adventures of Rockstar’s latest entry may be familiar with the interesting journey it’s taken. Red Dead Online suffered quite a buggy launch. Since then, the team have done their best to remedy this, releasing updates (and sometimes lack thereof) along the way. Try as they might, however, it never took off and saw the huge success and constant charting that GTA Online has seen over the years. Still, it’s definitely in a better place than it was two years ago, and if you’re looking for a fun time sink or cowboy sim, it may be worth your time.

Red Dead Online

Come next Tuesday, December 1st, Red Dead Online will be available for standalone purchase on the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S and PC. It’ll come with a meaty download of 123GB but thankfully come quite cheap. The game’s standard price will be $19.99USD but until February 15th, it’ll come with a generous 75% discount bringing the game down to $4.99USD. For us Aussies, that’s the quite affordable roughly $7. Keen to become a cowboy? Check this out!