Sam & Max Save The World remaster hitting PC in December

Posted on November 11, 2020

Sam and Max, everyone’s favourite dog and bunny detective team, are getting a spit and shine. The classic game, Sam & Max Save The World is being remastered by Skunkape Games. The cool thing about these devs is that the team is made up of former Telltale employees, who were behind the original game Save The World. It’s possible for them to remake this game as they “acquired the rights to the Sam & Max games” when Telltale disbanded.

Originally, the point and click adventure game was released in six instalments starting with the first in 2006. All of Save The World will be released all at once and therefore, not episodically. Skunkape Games, in an FAQ on their official website, listed a number of changes to the original game which makes it “play like a game made in 2020, not one made in 2006.”  The game will now support a 16:9 aspect ratio, with dynamic lighting and improved lip sync. There will be a new user interface along with some changes to the duo which were made with the original creator, Steve Purcell’s, assistance.

The detectives first appeared in cartoon form in 1987, with their first video game, Sam & Max Hit The Road being released in 1993 after Purcell joined LucasArts in 1988. On its release, the game was a critical hit. Players loved the duo’s eccentric antics, the cartoon graphics and the Jazz soundtrack leading it to become one of LucasArts biggest hits.

By 2006, Purcell sold the rights to Telltale after he was disappointed at the way they were going with the franchise and their rights to the IP had lapsed. Telltale would go on to make such titles as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among us and Batman: The Telltale series.

Sam & Max are having a massive 2020, with Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual!, a VR title coming out in 2021. This title is not being made by Skunkape Games, but by developers HappyGiant.

Sam & Max Save The World remaster PC

Sam & Max Save The World is being released on Steam and GOG on the 2nd of December, 2020.