Pistol Whip reloads with a free cyberpunk campaign

Posted on December 17, 2020

The cyberpunk genre is experiencing a renaissance in gaming this year, from aesthetic nods in Watch Dogs: Legion to entire games like Ghostrunner and, of course, Cyberpunk 2077. Now, VR rhythm shooter Pistol Whip is entering the fray with Pistol Whip 2089, its first story campaign, available now as a free upgrade to the base game.

Pistol Whip has received numerous updates since launch, adding a variety of new pistols and levels free of charge. The 2089 expansion is the most ambitious free update received to date; in addition to five new levels the expansion also includes a new burst-fire handgun and the game’s first boss-fight. The campaign stages are intercut with brief storyboard cinematics that establish the plot—a familiar tale of killer robot uprisings and flashy cybernetic augmentation. While the story may be little more than a fun framing device, it serves well in giving some stylish context for more of the catchy music and fast-paced point shooting players expect.

VR has been a welcome escape while cooped up at home this year, providing a fun way to keep active indoors. Personally, Pistol Whip along with Beat Saber have been my closest thing to cardio in months and more free content is a welcome surprise.

In our review of Pistol Whip, we said: “Pistol Whip really was a satisfying play that’ll keep me revisiting for a long time to play. Songs from the soundtrack still ring in my head. I still reflect back on some of my sweet kills. Hell, I’m grateful it’s got my out of shape self off the couch some more. It’s definitely an essential for those that love their PSVR devices. So, why not chuck that headset on, get shooting, blasting, dodging and sweating?”

Pistol Whip 2089 is available now on Oculus Quest and PCVR. The update is planned for PlayStation VR as well, but currently has no release date set.