Persona soundtracks have recently been added to Spotify

Posted on January 6, 2021

You never saw it coming. A boatload of soundtrack albums for the Persona series are now available to stream on music service Spotify. Publisher SEGA and developer Atlus have really changed their hearts and provided us with some sweet tunes after all. It’s a late Christmas miracle.

Among the series of game soundtracks to choose from there’s both the obvious choices and also, thankfully, some deep cuts. The soundtrack albums for Persona 2 through 5 is available to tune into and jam to. After a flavour of something different? Persona 4 Arena, Persona Q and Persona Q2 are the way to go. Noticeably absent is the soundtrack for the original first series entry.

Persona soundtracks spotify

For those in Western regions, it will prove quite difficult tracking down the best place to tune in. A cursory search of something to the like ‘Persona 5 Soundtrack,’ will only bring results of covers. Instead, opting into the Atlus Sound Team’s musician page is the best place to go. Alternatively, a user by the name of AniPlaylist has conveniently compiled all songs into one playlist. It provides over 746 songs and more than 24 hours of listening pleasure.

With the release of Persona 5 Royal last year along with Persona 5 Strikers also due next month, it’s never been a better month to be a franchise fan. Why not go tune in and relive some fantastic banging JRPG beats?