Earthblade is a new game teased by Celeste devs

Posted on April 20, 2021

Three years after their original game, the Celeste developers have announced their next fully-fledged project. Earthblade is Extremely OK Games’ next title, teased via what’s described by Maddy Thorson as a “vibe reveal.”

What follows in the reveal is some frankly pretty sweet mood-setting art along with some sample music. Lena Raine, the musician behind Celeste’s stunning soundtrack is returning to score Earthblade. You can check out the tease via an issued tweet below.

The reveal is scarce on specific details but we at least have some context. It’s penned as a “2D explor-action game” set in a “seamless pixel art world.” There’s no telling when Earthblade will drop just yet. The release date is penned as 20XX. Here’s hoping it comes sooner rather than later.

Celeste was a wonderful game that captured the hearts of many when the indie platformer released in 2018. The game went on to release farewell DLC in 2019 and even confirm protagonist Madeline as trans late last year. As such, it’s a game that resonates quite highly with myself as well as many on the Checkpoint team.


A fresh studio update from Maddy offers more insight into the game also. It’s safe to say this will become quite the eagerly anticipated title over the next few years.