Eastern Market Murder brings true crime to an augmented Melbourne soon

Posted on April 28, 2021

There’s nothing quite like a good true crime story to get your heart pumping. And when that story is explored through Augmented Reality in your own home town, it’s even better! Releasing on May 1st, 2021 is a new AR game by the name of Eastern Market Murder. The game is being developed by True Crime Games who had previously released Misadventure in Little Lon. If you enjoy taking a look back at some historical and fascinating crime, then you’ll want to mark off May 1st in your calendar!

Eastern Market Murder is an Augmented Reality game played on your phone. The game will have you exploring literal locations around Melbourne as historical figures are brought to life on your phone screen to talk you through this 120-year-old case. Eastern Market Murder tells the grisly tale of an 1899 attack that left one man dead and a culprit on the verge of getting away with literal murder. The game will have players roaming the streets of Melbourne as they chat with witnesses and visit locations recreated from the time with historical accuracy.

“We’ve always been drawn to stories of injustice and this one is particularly heart-wrenching,” said Emma Ramsay, Co-founder of True Crime Games. “This horrific crime caught the attention of the public in 1899, and after being buried for 120 years, we’re challenging players to put their detective skills to the test and ask the questions that have always surrounded the event.” 

Playing detective in a real case from Melbourne’s past is super exciting. What’s so clever about this series of games though is that you can actually play it from anywhere in the world. Eastern Market Murder will have two different ways to play. The first is off-site, from absolutely anywhere, allowing players to be transported virtually to the streets of Melbourne where they’ll probe witnesses and seek answers. The second is on-site, which brings a whole new dimension to the experience. With your phone in hand, you can walk the literal streets of Melbourne as the game brings you to locations relevant to the case. It’s like a whole new level of immersion, and something that will absolutely fascinate those intrigued by Melbourne’s gritty past.

Eastern Market Murder will be available on both iOS and Android on May 1st, 2021. Will you be playing?