PS5 April update brings much-needed features

Posted on April 15, 2021

At long last, Sony has detailed the first major system software update for the PS5. The update that’s due tomorrow has some enticing and much-needed features for the new console, including storage management, cross-generation share play and more. This comes a good five months after the console’s release. Let’s go through all the good additions on offer.

Storing PS5 games on External USB Drives
Players can now transfer their PS5 games to USB extended storage from within their console’s internal storage. While this does help essentially extend your console’s storage, allowing for more seamless file transferral, PS5 games still cannot be played via an external storage device. They must be played through the console’s in-built SSD device.


New social features for PS4 and PS5 consoles including cross-generation Share Play and the ability to request to join a game session.
PS5 and PS4 players can now Share Play together across consoles while chatting in a party. This means that PS5 players can share their screen with PS4 players, and even allow them to jump in and try some of the game and vice versa. Requesting to join a friend’s game session is also a new function that serves as a quicker means of jumping into an online session of a game with a friend.

Improved Control and Personalisation Options for PS5 consoles.
The Game Base has been worked on in order to provide more efficient access to the information and content that’s important to you. This includes easy switching between parties and your friends list. If online multiplayer games have been bugging you with random mic inputs you’ll hear thanks to the DualSense, you can worry no more. Disabling of and managing game chat volumes is easier than ever so that you can entirely mute those you don’t wish to hear in games or make your louder friends a tone quieter. Players can now also be prepared to jump into their PS5 games at any time, by setting up pre-downloads for updates to their favourite games.


Game libraries for players can also now be customised! At long last, you’ll be able to hide games from your library and search it. Say farewell to all those old PS4 beta demos that are still sitting in your library! A screen zoom that adjusts the magnification of the console’s screen to your preference is also now available along with an updated look for the trophies menu.

New PlayStation App features
The companion app known as the PlayStation App now will play nicer with your console. The ability to join PS5 multiplayer sessions, manage console storage and compare trophies with friends is now all available through your phone via the app. Topping it all off, new search functions and filters for the PlayStation store are also present.

There you have it. The first proper update for the PS5 console and it’s thankfully quite meaty with some long-requested features. What are you most happy to hear will now be present on the new console?